March 1, 1993

Andy Cruz and Rich Roat quit their jobs and set up Brand Design Co., Inc. in the spare room of Rich's apartment.

Fall 1993

Allen Mercer joins Brand Design Co., Inc. as a partner as he entered his senior year at Temple’s Tyler School of Art.

Spring 1994

We scam some free paper for Custom Papers Group, Rich trades some Quark Xpress training with the local quick printer, Andy cooks up the name "House Industries" and we start a font company.

Spring 1994

Somebody calls from Warner Brothers Records to order fonts. Unfortunately, we had only drawn enough letters to spell out the names of the fonts, so we had to invoke the “allow four to six weeks for delivery” clause.

Summer 1994

We pick up Custom Papers Group as a client

November 1994

“Leatherette” font catalog mails. Phone rings off the hook. We hire our first real employee, Luong Nguyen.

March 1995

Custom Papers Group mails our first “Custom Cars” mailer

May 1995

Jeremy Dean graduates from Tyler, joins House Industries. His desk is in the kitchen in front of the stove.

June 1995

We release our first “themed” font collection, The Bad Neighborhood.

September 1995

Custom Papers Group Shop Manual printed, sets the tone for the forthcoming Street Van collection

October 1995

Scrawl Collection Released

December 1995

House Industries moves to 427 Tatnall Street in Wilmington.

December 1995

Jeremy witnesses a crunk eating an old sandwich, then vomiting it into the void space in a block wall. Ken catches an amorous couple on the hood of his Honda in the Tatnall Street parking lot.

December 1995

House Industries regrets moving to 427 Tatnall Street in Wilmington.

January 1996

Ken Barber joins the crew.

February 1996

Adam Cruz does his first painting for House Industries during his freshman year at University of Delaware

June 1996

Adam Cruz joins the crew

May 1996

Street Van Collection Released

June 1996

Rat Fink Fonts Released

July 1996

Monster Fonts Released

January 1997

Tiki Type Released

January 1997

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth stops at House Industries to take a break between car shows and join us for a little open house in our unfinished Tatnall Street studio.

May 1997

House Gothic Released

September 1997

“We don’t really dig the web as a medium, so you may have noticed that our site has no high-tech font downloading system. All you can do is buy this catalog (and you already have one if you’re reading this), so just pick up the phone like the rest of us cave dwellers and call 800-888-4390 to order.”

December 1997

Chris Cooper visits our Tatnall Street studio for the Typography of Coop release party.

January 1998

Typography of Coop Released

June 1998

Nothing happened

March 1999

Sign Painter fonts released.

September 1999

The first issue of House Magazine hits the streets. We discover the difficult world of publishing periodicals.

June 1999

House-a-rama fonts released. Font downloads allowed after web purchase. We dig the web as a medium. Speaking of web, we discover how cheap web printing is.

May 1999

Andy, Ken and Rich give quite possibly the most boring lecture in design conference history. Afterwards, the trio cooks up the idea to play live music with a low-tech House multi-media show as a backdrop.

September 1999

The House Industries band makes its debut at the AIGA Biennial Conference in Las Vegas. Chee Perlman turns off Rich’s microphone but we greased the sound guy’s palm before the show, so he turned us up louder.

January 2000

Chalet font collection released.

July 2000

The second issue of House Magazine hits the streets. We re-discover the difficult world of publishing periodicals.

December 2000

House Industries moves to its present location in Yorklyn, Delaware

January 2001

Tal Leming Joins House Industries

July 2001

The third issue of House Magazine hits the streets. We tire of the difficult world of publishing periodicals.

May 2002

Bondé Prang gets a co-op gig at House Industries while still in high school. Andy Cruz did the same in 1989 at Wilmington’s Miller Mauro Group, where he ran into Rich Roat.

November 2002

We discover how boring, unforgiving and repetitive web printing is. Much more money is spent on sheet-fed printing with the Neutraface catalog.

November 2002

We release the first version of Neutraface.

September 2003

Amidst an unprecedented viral fanfare, we release the Shag collection.

September 2003

Tropical Storm Hugo blows in, dumps several inches of rain in two hours and floods our storage area. We spend the next week covering the studio floor with vellum, tracing paper and original drawings so they could dry out. Most of the new Shag catalogs were lost.

March 2004

House Industries 10-year book published. In year 11.

July 2004

Neutraface Condensed joins its wider sibling.

October 2004

The Ed Benguiat collection is released with some of the most innovative application of OpenType features in Latin-language-based fonts.

April 2005

John Downer’s Paperback is released.

February 2006

Katie Wilson survives a heinous internship to earn a spot on the crew.

March 2006

Ben Kiel surrenders his MA in typeface design from the University of Reading to join the staff.

May 2006

Tal Leming finishes the 105 different variations of the United collection.

February 2007

Tal Leming’s Burbank collection is released.

November 2007

Neutraface No. 2 is released.

June 2008

After several years of curve drawing, code breaking and heart aching, we release Ken Barber’s Studio Lettering collection.

November 2008

Our Letters & Ligatures exhibition makes the scene at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects gallery.

December 2008-present

Too busy working to update the timeline.