C1932 Plate M

C1932 Plate Mens T-shirt

You know how when you get emotionally or intrinsically attached to something you just can’t trust anyone else to touch or work on it because they will not treat is nearly as well as you will? That’s pretty much what happens when it comes to labeling the steel cans for our C1932 Ford and C1932 plate T-shirts. So if you order one of these tees, you can rest assured that Mr. Andy Cruz hisself has personally punched out the little circles that signify the design and size and lovingly wrapped the paper label. Unless your label is crooked, which will mean that Brian “Fingerless Gloves” Awitan was on the job.

  • Steel quart paint can packaging
  • Custom wrapped can and lid labels
  • 100% Cotton
  • Printed in the USA