Slab Musette

Neutraface Slab Musette

These handy musettes are from the time when efficiency experts at House Industries made an attempt at consolidating staff members’ dietary needs in a professional peloton-style feed zone. The idea was that at an appointed hour, all members of the studio were to run through a specially-marked section of the conference room while a randomly-selected employee rapidly handed out bags of nutritious high energy foods. Staff members would then return to their desks, sit upright and eat while considering the onslaught of work awaiting them. The efficiency experts did not, however, anticipate the physical dangers of the feed zone; legs becoming entangled in musette handles, slipping hazards from discarded energy gel packs and head injuries from errantly-tossed water bottles. As a result, the staff returned to their normal routines: Bondé’s krabby patty and vegenaise sandwich in the Harvest Market parking lot, Chris’s desiccated watermelon and captain’s wafer parfait, Rich’s lecherous stares at whatever anybody else is eating, Ken’s leftover vegetable pakoras and Andy’s prosciutto-wrapped asparagus salad.

  • 100% Cotton Twill
  • 14.5" (37cm) wide x 12" (30cm) tall
  • 2" (5cm) gusseted bottom and sides
  • Sew yer own button closure