Photolettering App

Q: How do I adjust the size of my type?

A: You can grab it with two fingers to freely scale and rotate. You can even make it huge and bleed it off the image.

Q: Sometimes my text disappears from the screen. How do I get it back?

A: A little button that says “Recenter Text” should pop up. Just press that and your text will return to the middle of the screen. You can also hit the checkmark and start over if the “recenter text” button does not appear.

Q: I downloaded an update, but all of my fonts are not available.

A: Scroll to the end of the font menu and click on “Restore All Purchases.”

Q: Why are these fonts so expensive?

A: These are all original fonts from the House Industries and Photo-Lettering library. We drew every vector and sweated every detail. The same holds true to the free fonts that are included in the Photo-Lettering App.

Q: But there are other type-over-photo apps out there that have many more fonts. Why should I buy the fonts on the Photo-Lettering App.

A: The great thing is that you do not have to buy them. The Photo-Lettering app is free and we give you four free original fonts. We also plan on adding more free fonts periodically. The are lots of really nice type-over-photo apps available on the App Store. If you do not like ours, it is easy enough to try another.

Q: How can I ask a question that is not addressed in this incredibly inadequate FAQ?

A: Please contact us here.

Q: I found something really annoying about the Photolettering app. Who do I tell?

A: There are carbon-based life forms at House Industries who would love to hear your feedback.

Q: I have one of these gigantic Android phones? When can I get some Photolettering app action on it?

A: In 1996 we still didn’t “dig the web as a medium,” so progress moves slowly at House Industries. We’ll get there, though.

Q: What’s this Photo-Lettering thing about anyway?

A: The original Photo-Lettering was a mainstay of the advertising and design industry in New York City from 1936 to 1997. PLINC, as it was affectionately known to art directors, was one of the earliest and most successful type houses to utilize photo technology in the production of commercial typography and lettering. We purchased the Photo-Lettering collection in 2003 and have tried to preserve the collection’s legendary sense of style while while making it available to a new generation. Still awake? Please read more here.

Q: Isn’t it cool that the name Photo-Lettering is relevant in a new medium?

A: Sorry, we know that we’re not supposed to ask ourselves question in a FAQ, but we thought it was okay since this one is rhetorical in nature.

Q: How does Dusty Rhodes, the American Dream, feel about Ric Flair?

A: I don’t have to say a lot more about how I feel about Rick Flair. No respect. No honor. There is no honor among thieves in the first place. He put hard times on Dusty Rhodes and his family. You don’t know what hard times are, daddy.