General FAQ

Q. I can go to my local Wal-Mart and get 3000 fonts for $19.95. How come your stuff is so pricey?

A: You get what you pay for.

Q: Seriously, what's the difference?

A: We have a dedicated staff of nine people whose sole purpose is to make fonts and artwork for you. Most of our collections are developed over a period of 18 to 24 months, so we have a huge investment in time and effort in each typeface and each piece of artwork. Come down to the studio some time and we'll show you.

Q: Does House do custom design, lettering or illustration?

A: Yes, we often take commercial jobs but we're a small shop and we've got to be choosey about the work we accept. The House Projects section of our site has a quick sampling of commercial, internal and art projects.

Q: Are you hiring or looking for interns?

A: Yes and No. House Industries is a team effort—the chemistry between all of us is just as important as any individual's talent. We are very careful about who we put into the formula. If you want to mix it up with us, please send some work samples, your name, an email address and maybe a phone number, but let the work speak for itself.

Q: I am an art school student and I am doing a report on The House Industries. Can I ask you guys some questions?

A: Please check out the About section of this site. After giving this a once-over, please write some good questions that show some thought and genuine interest and we will write responses.

Q: We have a font server, so do I only have to buy a license for the fonts for that single device?

A: No, you need a license for all the devices connected to that server that are going to use the fonts. The license reads "rasterizing device". Any computer connected to that server considered a rasterizing device.

Q: Why don't you allow embedding in your license?

A: We make embedding decisions on a case-by-case basis. For example, we will allow you to embed the fonts to send a .pdf to a printer or to a client for approval. However, if you want to do an email distribution .pdf newsletter, you must pay an additional embedding fee.

Q: Do you allow embedding in Flash?

A: We make this call on a case-by-case basis. Generally, we allow embedding if the text is static, but we charge an extra fee if the fonts are used for dynamic text.

Q: How about video games?

A: In any commercial video game application, we charge an additional fee if the font data is embedded in the game code. This fee depends on the sales price and projected gross revenue of the game.

Q: I am using your fonts to do a layout. I am collaborating with another designer in a separate location. Can I give them your fonts?

A: No, you cannot. We consider that a separate license. The fonts are licensed like software. If you're both using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe's license does not allow you to give the other designer a copy of the software. Same deal with the fonts.

Q: Do you sell fonts from your collections separately?

A: Except for the General Collection, we do not separate single fonts from our collections. Our font collections are developed as a unit and represent a considerable investment of time and effort. They are priced to reflect this effort and it is difficult for us to recoup our investment or continue development of similar collections by selling single fonts at a reduced price. We will make exceptions in rare situations. Please contact us if you want to make a case.

Q: Come on, how much for just one font?

A: How much for one rib?