Alexander Girard

Every design discipline resides at the crossroads of art, influence, relevance, inspiration and function. Though such intersections are rarely crossed without difficulty, Alexander Girard navigated these busy highways with an ease few of his predecessors, collaborators or successors could match. He brought the passion of his personal interests into his work and made each element function gracefully in a context of viability. Whatever the medium, Girard’s love for typography was the common thread that wove his work together. From fabric patterns to the branding of Braniff International, Girard used type to artfully orchestrate consistency and readability without sacrificing aesthetics. A master at combining personal interests with commercial viability, Girard once wrote, “I find that those of my designs that satisfy me personally are the only ones worth producing.” We are honored that the Girard family has entrusted us to celebrate and expand upon the legacy of this design icon. The House Industries Girard Collection was produced in conjunction with the Girard estate and Máximo.

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