Licensing FAQ

Q: We have licensed your fonts and used them for a project. We are sending it to another vendor who is doing more work on the project. Can we just send your fonts along?

A: No. We license our fonts like software, as do most font companies. For example, if you give your vendor a Adobe Illustrator file, are they going to demand that you give them a copy of Adobe Illustrator as well? You spent the money to license the fonts properly, why shouldn't they?

Q: We have a font server, so do I only have to buy a license for the fonts that single device.

A: No, you need a license for all the devices connected to that server that are going to use the fonts. The license reads "rasterizing device". Any computer connected to that server considered a rasterizing device.

Q: Why don't you allow embedding in your license?

A: We make embedding decisions on a case by case basis. For example, we will allow you to embed the fonts to send a .pdf to a printer or to a client for approval. However, if you want to do an email distribution .pdf newsletter, you must pay an additional embedding fee.

Q: Do you allow embedding in Flash?

A: We make this call on a case by case basis. Generally, we allow embedding if the text is static, but we charge a flat embedding fee that is oulined on our pricing page.

Q: How about video games?

A: In any commercial video game application, we charge a flat fee that is outlined on our pricing page.

Q: I am using your fonts to do a layout. I am collaborating with another designer at a separate company. Can I give them your fonts?

A: No, you cannot. We consider that a separate license. The fonts are licensed like software. If you're both using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe's license does not allow you to give the other designer a copy of the software. Same deal with the fonts.