Basic Font License

The base purchase price of your House Industries fonts includes a license for use on ten (10) devices owned by the same entity or individual. A device is defined as a computer, printer, character generator, vinyl cutter or any other machine that uses the font data to create letterforms. If your configuration exceeds these guidelines, refer to the Multiple Device License Pricing section below.

Multiple Device License Pricing

If you need to install House Industries fonts or artwork on more than ten devices, you must purchase a multiple device license. If you are ordering online, you can enter this information during the checkout process. You can also call us at 800-888-4390 or 302-234-2356 and we would be glad to calculate the price for you.

Site License Formula

Site license upgrades are sold in blocks of ten devices. Installations of over 100 devices are quoted on an individual basis.

  • 1-10 Devices: Base Price
  • 11-15 Devices: Base Price x 1.75
  • 16-20 Devices: Base Price x 2
  • 21-25 Devices: Base Price x 2.4
  • 26-30 Devices: Base Price x 2.9
  • 31-35 Devices: Base Price x 3.4
  • 36-40 Devices: Base Price x 3.8
  • 41-45 Devices: Base Price x 4.3
  • 46-50 Devices: Base Price x 4.7
  • 51-55 Devices: Base Price x 5.2
  • 56-60 Devices: Base Price x 5.6
  • 61-65 Devices: Base Price x 6.1
  • 66-70 Devices: Base Price x 6.5
  • 71-75 Devices: Base Price x 6.9
  • 76-80 Devices: Base Price x 7.4
  • 81-85 Devices: Base Price x 7.8
  • 86-90 Devices: Base Price x 8.3
  • 91-95 Devices: Base Price x 8.7
  • 96-100 Devices: Base Price x 9.2
  • 100 devices & up: quoted individually

Mobile Device Embedding Fees

  • Pricing upon request.

Web Embedding Fees

eBook Embedding Fees

  • Pricing upon request.

Document Embedding Fees

  • Non-editable embedding for approval or production: No additional charge as long as the fonts are licensed properly for all parties who are using the font data to work on the document.
  • Non-editable embedding for distribution (example: downloadable documents, pdf newsletters): pricing available on request
  • Editable embedding: pricing available on request

Game Embedding Fees

  • Pricing upon request.

Logo Usage

  • There is no additional charge for companies under $5 million (US Dollars) in annual gross revenue. If the logo has a specific application for a business within another company, then use the estimated gross revenue for that venture. For example a logo for a major motion picture would be priced on the movie gross, not the studio gross.
  • $5 million to $10 million: $5000
  • $10 million to $50 million: $10,000
  • $50 million and over: $15,000