Read Me First!

Thank you for checking out House Industries fonts. If you've purchased or plan to purchase fonts from us, we appreciate your support and would be grateful if you took a few minutes to review the information on these pages.

House Industries designs, produces and sells original fonts and illustrations for use by the graphic design and advertising industry. This work is accomplished by just ten people—our entire staff. We are a small font foundry dedicated to providing our customers with the best typefaces and illustrations possible. By ensuring that our product is properly licensed by users and eliminating the practice of font copying and trading we can continue to create new and unique typography.

Our work is truly a labor of love, but it is also a business. That's why font licensing is something we take seriously--it's our livelihood! Unfortunately, we estimate that half of the House Industries fonts in use today are not licensed at all. They've been copied, traded, taken from workplaces, downloaded from the web and who knows what else!

The House Industries staff would like to spend more time developing new typography and less time worrying if our fonts are being stolen. So, we've created this easy-to-use section that explains our font licensing policies.

All of us at House Industries—Rich, Andy, Ken, Adam, Lou, Chris, Katie, Bonde, Ben, and Lori—sincerely thank you for making sure that your company obtains proper site licenses for the use of our fonts.