Webfonts FAQ

Q: Are you allowing CSS @fontface embedding with your fonts?

Most of our fonts are ready for CSS @fontface embedding. Please contact us for more pricing and detailed information.

Q: Can I use a third party tool to convert your fonts to webfont formats?

No. This is expressly prohibited in our End User License Agreement.

Q: Why not?
  • It is specifically prohibited in our End User License Agreement.
  • Third party tools often do not address the many technical concerns that will lead to inconsistent results across browsers and platforms.
  • Third party tools are forced to auto-hint fonts. We spend far too much effort on our typefaces to allow subjective tools to make an automated aesthetic decision.
Q: Can I use static graphics with your fonts on the web?

Yes, we have never restricted this use. If the images are created on a human-operated workstation with properly licensed fonts and are static images, then no additional fee is required beyond our traditional licensing fees.