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If the fonts in this collection lived in a Shag painting, one might find them sipping hipster cocktails and engaging in discussions with shapely women. However, their versatility allows them to break out of this imaginary world and spice up any design party. With an extensive array of ligatures, swash capitals and alternates, our Shag collection provides bottomless possibilities for logos, headlines and word marks. Stir in the Shagbats and these fonts will make your layouts and logos even more lively.

There is a mysterious "Ingredient X" which belongs to good art...something which can’t be quantified but imparts a special and indescribable quality to an object. It’s the magic that turns 12 dollars worth of art supplies into a 15 million dollar painting in the hands of Picasso. I've been watching House Industries for a long time, and let me tell you, "Ingredient X" oozes from their font sets...

-Josh "Shag" Agle

Comes in Limited Edition Packaging