Studio Lettering

Studio Slant initial caps

American advertising is based on the notion that bigger is better, and your friends at House Industries certainly have not skimped with the Studio Lettering character sets. From the land of the 64-ounce soft drink and triple bacon cheeseburger comes a font with super-sized alternate uppercase letters. To access these Initial Caps, simply select Swash in the OpenType menu.

Studio Lettering Studio Lettering Studio Lettering

Culture-specific stylistic sets

The appearance of written language is often affected by regional customs, individual habits or simple matters of convenience. Each Studio Lettering font includes culture-specific character sets that reflect stylistic preferences of native users. They are based on colloquial letterforms found in writing textbooks and historical models, in addition to interviews with local artists and speakers. In some cases aesthetic decisions reflect an appreciation for a certain calligrapher or piece of lettering.

Studio Lettering Studio Lettering

Initial forms

The Contextual Alternates feature contextually substitutes alternate characters automatically. In this example, the r is replaced with an alternate initial form for smoother flowing text.

Studio Lettering

Final forms

In Studio Lettering Sable, each letter has a finial variant featuring a softer terminal stroke. These smooth and gentle endings help to suggest the motion of hand-lettering while also allowing for more visually comfortable text settings.

Studio Lettering

Glyph size rotation

Studio Lettering emulates the warmth and character of hand lettering through tasteful and intelligent OpenType programming. In the case of Swing, the font contextually applies one of three alternates to achieve the best aesthetic result. Depending on their sequence, size and appearance, letters change as the user types. In the case of Sable, alternates are inserted as you type to avoid repeating glyphs. Contextual Alternates are automatically on.

Studio Lettering


Making a font behave like hand-lettering within the rigid confines of a typographic system is challenging work. In order to help text settings appear more authentic and read more fluidly, all of the Studio Lettering fonts include countless connecting ligatures. The Ligatures feature is on by default, making sure text settings exude genuine hand-lettered warmth.

Studio Lettering

Contextual alternates

Certain cap-lowercase combinations are optimized with contextual substitution.