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Like most military actions, United started out as a simple typographical incursion that became entrenched in the House Industries quagmire of creative projects. After we used early versions in a clothing company logo, the family drew national attention as it was selected to appear in the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum 2003 Triennial show. Tal Leming toiled for the next three years to build on the original concept and develop one of the most extensive font families available anywhere. United boasts three different styles, each with seven weights and five widths for a total of 105 fonts for the entire collection. Order any of the three style ranges for $199 each (35 fonts) or the entire family of 105 fonts for $349. You’ll appreciate the ability to switch from an expressway billboard layout to the emo-band spread without changing font families or shopping around for new typefaces.