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Yorklyn Stencil includes three fonts, each optimized for use at different size ranges. Grande has greater contrast and more delicate breaks designed to be used at larger sizes where finer details are more conspicuous. Medium and Petite are intended for smaller sizes where the breaks and contours must be more resilient. We included several OpenType layout features, including traditional fractions as well as nut fractions.

We extensively tested Yorklyn Stencil in what might be the broadest range of media and conditions in the annals of Northwestern Delaware typefounding history. From the ceramic kilns of Heath Ceramics to our studio’s stucco facade, Yorklyn Stencil’s robust curves and deceptively delicate breaks will withstand a wide variety of harsh environments with unprecedented aplomb. Whether you’re hand cutting a stencil to buzz your bespoke restaurant barstools or simply looking for a practical yet illustrative display typeface, Yorklyn Stencil’s elegant efficacy will enhance any creative composition.