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Braces House Archive Box Three Pack: $38

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Braces or curly brackets are often used to delineate elements in complex mathematical calculations. In this case, our distintive brace pattern metaphorically provides a stylish means to contain and organize any rapidly multiplying inspirational analog artifact array. With secure locking seams, robust construction and crispy artwork, our House Archive boxes boast numerical superiority over other storage solutions when affordability, raw tensile strength and aesthetic allure are factored into the equation.

  • Set of three boxes
  • 15 3/4" × 12 3/8" × 10" (40 cm × 31.5 cm × 25.5 cm)
  • Thoughtfully-crafted smooth and snug lid
  • Double-walled construction, clean miters, secure seams
  • Made in the USA from recycled corrugated cardboard

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