Lettering for Design

Lettering for Design Workshop

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  • Located in Yorklyn, Del.
  • Workshop Visitor Guide
  • Friday, October 9, 2015, 9:30 to 5:30
  • Materials provided
  • Private studio tour
  • Class size limited to 18
  • House Industries goodie tote
  • Open to all skill levels
  • Lunch provided

Spend a day with House Industries Chief Lettering Officer Ken Barber while learning or improving useful and marketable lettering skills. Lettering is a unique discipline, offering a distinctive means of visual expression not possible with off-the-shelf typography. Among the drawn letter’s characteristic advantages is its potential not simply to communicate content, but to become content itself.

This workshop will explore the creative process of hand-lettering and its application in contemporary visual communication. Participants will create their own hand-drawn wordmarks by referring to familiar typographic models and helpful specimens. Comprehensive slide presentations, informative drawing demonstrations, skill-building exercises, professional case studies and valuable one-on-one critiques will provide further guidance as attendees gain a practical foundation for implementing lettering in design contexts.