Wooden Koi: $75

House Industries reared these custom koi in pond stock brewed with Grand River water, aniline dyes, varnish, reclaimed wood, pickle juice, bandsaw chatter and heat from a drum sander. The breeding school was artificially inseminated with typographic zygotes floating in an emulsion of air-dried printing inks and refined by pushing alphanumeric particles through photographic screens.

Due to the elusive nature of these specialized koi strains, we are unable to guarantee the availability of specific dye and pattern combinations. Please click through the images above, email your preference and we will forward your request via radiotelephone to our dedicated koi pond longline trawler crews.

  • Assorted Styles
  • 8 x 4 in, (203 x 102 mm)
  • 1.375 in thick, (35 mm)
  • Hand printed with air-dried inks

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