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Federal g Print

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Did you ever drive by one of those ostentatious suburban lawns and noticed uniform rows of subtle contrasting colors? Those are made with a zero-turn mower attachment called a tiger striper (not to be confused with a honey badger) which, along with two-stroke backpack blowers, account for a large percentage of the unregulated hydrocarbon emissions in the United States. This print achieves a much lower environmental impact by creating the same effect with clear ink and a steady squeegee hand. Hang one of these on your wall, sow a wildflower mix, make sure the UPS driver shuts his/her diesel down when running the print up to your door and work your way toward carbon neutrality!

Featuring Federal from Erik van Blokland, Letterror. Two select weights of Federal are available at Photo-Lettering.

  • Limited edition of 33
  • Hand printed in the USA by David Dodde
  • Individually numbered
  • Acid-Free French Paper
  • Recycled paper from a local family-owned mill
  • 20 x 26 (508 mm x 660 mm)
  • Shipped in custom tubes with special wrap