House Nib Print

Out of print.

You know those little brass thingies that fall out of your vintage Speedball set that you picked up at the local flea market when you lift up the box to dust your knick knack shelf? They are called nibs and are designed to channel ink into a line whose width is controlled by varying downward pressure. We must warn you that your uninitiated guests will be left speechless when you demonstrate your impressive breadth of knowledge, so much so that they may enter a blissful slumber or at least direct the conversation toward something more interesting like universal health care.

All serigraphs are hand printed to order and will ship separately from your other items. The serigraphs may arrive several days after your other items.

  • Hand printed by David Dodde
  • Individually numbered
  • 130# Acid-Free Cover Weight Paper
  • 8.5 x 11 (216 mm x 280 mm)
  • Shipped in custom tubes with special wrap