Copper Tiles

Neutraface Condensed Tiles Copper

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On a recent visit to the House Industries Grand Rapids printing studio, Rich Roat was considering his doctoral thesis in business administration while assessing the physical plant and reflection upon how the nebulous notion of a far flung dedicated prototyping and production facility dovetails with creating and selling digital type. While Rich was sniffing offgasses from solvent based screen printing inks wondering why it’s so cold and mentioning that maybe we should keep those volatile compounds locked in a fireproof cabinet, David was talking about the sharpness of the point between the stroke and counterspace in the six and nine and how impressive that is considering the solid coverage of ink and that the temperature in the studio drops to 55 degrees after noon because the landlord turns the heat off.

Inspired by the Heath Ceramics Neutraface number tiles. With Neutraface Condensed by Christian Schwartz.

  • Numbered edition of 33
  • Hand printed in the USA by David Dodde
  • Individually numbered
  • Acid-Free Paper
  • 20 x 26 (508 mm x 660 mm)
  • Shipped in custom tubes with special wrap