PLINC 123 Lg.

PLINC Behemoth Figures Large

Out of print.

West Behemoth Figures from Photo-Lettering. Original alphabet by Dave West, digitized by Erik van Blokland.

Despite running the day-to-day operations of the House Industries corporate juggernaut for over sixteen years, co-founder Rich Roat still does not have much of a head for numbers and often finds himself buried in a quagmire of complicated spreadsheets that require extensive clarification. This analog rendering of the worldwide numerical standard serves Rich as a motivational reminder that all numbers are basic conglomerations of ten simple figures.

All serigraphs are hand printed to order and will ship separately from your other items. The serigraphs may arrive several days after your other items.

Original concept by Michael D. "Wally" Wollaston, CPA

  • Hand printed by David Dodde
  • Individually numbered
  • 130# Acid-Free Cover Weight Paper
  • 26 x 20 (640 mm x 508 mm)
  • Shipped in custom tubes with special wrap