Times Square

PLINC Times Square Print

Out of print.

Times Square from Photo-Lettering. Original alphabet by Dave West, digitized by Christian Schwartz.

In this age of shrinking mobile devices and laptop-based design, typeface manufacturers like us are becoming increasingly concerned with the little bitty pixels that define the letters that we’re hawking. Back in the dark ages of the last decade of the previous century, most of us didn’t give a crap as long as the letters looked good when they came off of a high-resolution imaging device. Now we worry about multiple-platform anti-aliasing systems, on-board rasterizers, Delta hinting, proprietary mobile operating systems and how ugly the type looks on the iPad eBook reader. This hand-printed serigraph harkens back to a day when the only pixels we used were on multiple-bulb display signage and people actually worried about what typography looks like when rendered with a photographic process and transfered to a flat substrate with a big blob of ink being forced through a fine screen.

  • Hand printed in the USA by David Dodde
  • Individually numbered
  • Acid-Free Black French Paper
  • Recycled paper from a local family-owned mill
  • 20 x 26 (508 mm x 660 mm)
  • Shipped in custom tubes with special wrap