Stencil Tiles

Stencil Tiles Copper: $45

When comparing this product to the Eames number tiles from Heath Ceramics, one can find many similar characteristics: The figures are formed from Eames Century Modern Stencil; both are handmade in the USA by talented craftspeople; only earthbound raw materials are utilized (the tiles are made from clay and the prints are a conglomeration of refined cellulose substrates bonded to organic slow-aged liquified carbon pigmented suspensions); the manufacturing processes include air drying followed by firing (Heath tiles are fired in a kiln. Our prints are fired by David Dodde’s hot air as he brags to his intern about his perfect registration); and both have containing shapes defined by a square proportional form factor.

  • Numbered edition of 33
  • Hand printed in the USA by David Dodde
  • Individually numbered
  • Acid-Free French Paper
  • Recycled paper from a local family-owned mill
  • 20 x 26 (508 mm x 660 mm)

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