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House Industries Celebrates Angelo Cruz’s C1932 Ford with New T-shirts, Serigraphs, Shop Rags and Booklet

Sculpture, illustration and design meet octane, oil and rubber with a new line of products that commemorates the completion of Angelo Cruz’s 1932 Ford Coupe.

The five window coupe, named "C1932" for its historic Delaware license plate, is a meticulously curated example of circa 1957 speed shop zeitgeist. With the help of countless experts and friends, Angelo Cruz spent over ten years capturing the historic essence of the definitive hot rod. House Industries had a special interest in the project because Angelo is the father of House principal Andy Cruz and painter/illustrator Adam Cruz.

“As cliché as it might sound, the car is a quilt sewn by my talented friends and family,” commented the elder Cruz. “It is a car building experience that was much greater than the sum of its parts…no matter how cool those parts are!”

House originally developed two T-shirts, two serigraphs, a set of shop rags and a 16-page signed and numbered booklet to be offered at the C1932 debut show. The T-shirts are packaged in one-quart paint cans with custom labels and lid stickers. House’s David Dodde hand-printed two serigraphs featuring Chris Gardner’s intricate line illustration of the C1932 and an illustration of the rare Delaware C1932 license plate. The signed and numbered booklet includes a 16-page photo retrospective of the coupe, plus an uncoated flysheet and special cover. The shop rags are imprinted with the C1932 car and license plate image and work well for wiping dipsticks and cleaning off undercarriage grease fittings. All items are available at

The C1932 itself is a rolling compendium of 1950s-era hot rod history. From the prototype Thickstun high-rise intake manifold and Stromberg 97 carburetors to the rare rounded-glass Stewart Warner gauges and Mallory dual point tach-drive distributor, Angelo Cruz has assembled one of the most authentic five-window coupes in the world.

About Angelo Cruz

Angelo Cruz’s early hot-rodding career was spent developing expertise in restoring and modifying Corvettes. He worked on several successful show cars, including Harley Earl’s S.O. 10323 roadster, before transitioning into a career of freehand pinstriping and lettering.

About House Industries

House Industries is a unique oasis of typography and design that stands out in a cultural continuum of endless electronic effluvia. From their sketchpads, pencils, pens, brushes and bezier curves flow their passion for authenticity and integrity. House Industries fonts scream from billboards, wish happy whatever from tens of thousands of greeting cards, serve as the basis for consumer product logos and add elements of style to a wide range of mainstream media. House artists have mastered a large cross-section of design disciplines, transcending graphic conventions and reaching out to a broad audience. What ultimately shines in the House Industries oeuvre is what always conquers mediocrity: a genuine love for their subject matter. More information is available here:

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