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House Industries Releases Neutraface Slab

From fine print and red ink in corporate annual reports to huge three dimensional signage, House Industries' Neutraface collection of typefaces has become the definitive designers' workhorse. Now this geometric juggernaut boasts even more font firepower with the addition of the Neutraface Slab family.

Neutraface Slab features five display weights, four text weights with italics plus a unique stencil style that work well together or standing alone. Just like its sans-serif counterparts, Neutraface Slab Text includes small caps, seven figure styles and a host of other sophisticated OpenType features that have been integrated in a single seamless package. The complementary display weights range from thin and delicate to bold and bombastic.

House Industries teamed up with type designers Christian Schwartz, Kai Bernau and Susana Carvalho to bring the Neutraface Slab concept to life.

The original Neutraface sans-serif family, released on 2001, was based on the geometric minimalist lettering that architect Richard J. Neutra (1892-1970) used on his commercial and residential buildings. A veritable icon of Modern architecture, Neutra is remembered as an artistic visionary, social commentator and outspoken defender of the environment.

In the same fashion, the original Neutraface offers fonts of a moderate width designed for distinctive titles and highly readable text settings while Neutraface Slab, based on the original’s five display weights, is ideal for longer headlines in relatively limited spaces.

Along with their predecessors, the Neutraface Slab OpenType fonts support dozens of languages, including those from Central and Eastern Europe. Access to accented characters is virtually effortless when using OpenType compatible applications such as Adobe’s Creative Suite.

Neutraface Slab is available for instant download for $249 at Customers can also purchase the complete Neutraface family, including Neutraface, Neutraface No. 2 and Neutraface Slab for $599.

House Industries also developed several other products to accompany the release of Neutraface Slab, including a set of alphabet blocks, totes, T-shirts, mousepads and posters.

House Industries is a Delaware-based independent type foundry and illustration and design studio that markets unique fonts and artwork to the worldwide advertising and design trades. House Industries can be reached at 800-888-4390, 302-234-2356 or

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