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House Industries Holiday Market at Partners & Spade

House Industries is temporarily postponing the web-based pixelated transfiguration of its three-dimensional offerings to give New York shoppers a chance to blow their holiday gift budget on select tactile treasures at the Partners & Spade studio and store in New York. Awesome Dudes and their magical mobile serigraphic system will also be on hand to pull custom House Industries screens for true one-off holiday gifts.

House plans to roll out several new objects at the Partners & Spade event, including wooden koi, hand-printed plywood folding screens, tea towels, tree ornaments, letterpressed holiday cards and much more. Custom House Industries holiday gift wrap will offer downtown shoppers, curious onlookers, die-hard fans and wayward Wall Street fund managers an extra incentive to leverage this unique opportunity into a one-stop holiday shopping experience.

Select House Industries products will remain available through December in the Partners and Spade store.

House Industries/Partners & Spade Fact Sheet
About House Industries

Since 1993, House Industries has been building an alphanumeric empire from countless processes and substrates with a carefully curated analog multimedia emulsion of ink, wood, metal, paint, lacquer, viscera and varnish. Please browse to for more information.

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The Partners & Spade shop stocks and sells a carefully combed selection of diverse objects that set it apart from the mass mercantile madness two blocks to the west. For more information, please visit