Keep Tabs On House With The New "Show And Tell"

As you know, we at House Industries like to keep up with the latest technology in information delivery, which is why we have insisted on upgrading all of our typewriters in our press department to IBM Selectrics. We’ve also changed our News page on our website to a format that allows all house staff and friends to post information quickly and efficiently. There will be a new post at least once a day with where you can monitor the progress of the next House release, look at the bezier curve Ken just spent the last week drawing and see what treasure Andy Cruz bought for fifty cents at the flea market. With the help of Dean Allen’s Textpattern, you can also keep up with our comings and goings with any RSS client by subscribing to our RSS feed. Safari in OSX 10.4 (Tiger) is RSS enabled and there are many free RSS clients available on the web. In OSX 10.4, you can even make our RSS feed come up in your screensaver!

Posted by on September 16, 2005