Quite a few years ago I was a teenager, a pimple-faced McDonald’s workin’ punk who wanted to draw comic books when I grew up. Every 30 days there was a small handfull of artists that kept putting me behind the wheel of my crappy Dodge Duster, driving at dangerous speeds to get to my local comic book shop. This guy was number one. Followed closely by Mike Zeck, Dale Keown, and Adam Hughes to name a few more. When the newest issue of “Tec” hit the streets, I was on It. That’s “Detective” starring BATMAN for all you geeks not In the know. A couple years ago I was thrilled to stumble across his website, It’s loaded with artwork, sketches, poetry, and a bustling message board that Norm regularly chats on. Drop the man an e-mail and say hello at

Posted by on November 10, 2005