They just grow and grow

Every once in a while we use our “conference” room for something besides stacking press sheets and throwing unwanted bags of candy. That’s the legendary Tal Leming on the left. He was here to talk about the forthcoming release of United, which has turned into a bit of a beast. But you’re gonna love it. Clockwise from left: Andy, Tal, Ken, Bonde.

Yes, that is the original Ikea dining room table Andy and I bought in 1993 when the two big wheels from Major League Baseball said that they were taking the train down to talk to us about a project. The stack of paper is about five percent of Tal’s laser proofs. I’m not sure why the can of foaming bowl and basin cleaner there, but maybe things got ugly in the bathroom, which is just around the corner.

Posted by on November 11, 2005