At First...

At first I was kinda bum’d that they changed the OG Lucky Charms logo. But if some knuckle head VP insists on switching things up for the kids these days, I guess you might as well do it up right and use a House font. Tweaking Coop Heavy with the time-honored 3-D bevel and Santo Gold® filters is a given…but I bet getting that transparent rainbow leprechaun tricknology to work on the tail of the “y” really got the focus group to give it the thumbs up. I never thought I’d say this but now I kinda dig it.

Once I got over the logo, I had a tough time getting my head around the Chocolate?!? Come on General Mills, I know that once Halloween is gone Count Chocula sales dip but Chocolate Lucky Charms?!? Much like the new logo, at first I thought it was kinda F’d up to switch the classic oats/dried cat food looking things to chocolate. After sucking up a bowl and a half with my kids (you know hitting that leftover “chocolate milk” with a fresh load of cereal is where it’s at) again…I kinda liked it.

Posted by on December 20, 2005