I’ve been asked a few times about the silhouettes we’ve done here. Everybody and their mother assumes that we’ve taken photos of lovely ladies and streamlined the things. 99 percent of the silos you’ll see out in design-land seem to incorporate that technique. I find that you’ll sometimes end up with an adequate silhouette but it usually has quite a few oddities due to elements from real life that aren’t needed… a strange wrinkle on a shirt, shoelaces that have settled clumsily etc. Not to mention Streamline is garbage. What I’ve done and recommend is to reference photos from magazines or books or TV and work out a sketch. As you’ll see above, I’ve done my best to work out a nice stance and I’ve broken it down to only the desired elements which were a skirt, wristbands and other things not shown just yet. Jump into Illustrator, grab the pen tool and go to work by hand on the outlines adjusting, moving things around and tweaking as you go. In the end, hopefully you’ll have a nice silhouette with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Posted by on January 5, 2006