Hanging out in graveyards

When I am not designing typefaces with Christian Schwartz or talking with Rich about obscure continental cycling gear, you will more than likely find me in an graveyard. Neither deeply religious nor obsessed with death, some of the nicest British lettering can be found in these places. Particularly good are those in Cornwall, west England. The stone seems to weather well (as long as its not facing into the wind), and being stylistically behind the metropolis of London, good examples exist far later. In Mawnan church is a particularly nice one, with a tragic tale of an early generation of Barnes family members.
The other example is a bit closer to home; its from St Lukes, Old Street EC1. When I got there I found a half eaten kebab on this stone. I cleared it off and paid due reverance to the great man, William Caslon.

Posted by on February 5, 2006