5 left...

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the blog the last couple days you’ll remember that a limited bunch of House 33 shirts became available here. I thought I’d show a portion of the brushed ink-art for the Gross 33 T since it’s the size of a postage stamp on the site. This was one of my favorites to illustrate and more shirts in this vein will be on the way soon enough. So, if you want your favorite girl to say “Eww, what’s that?!... that’s gross honey, I don’t like it!” like my wife did, be sure to grab one right away. The svelt model types went on a spree last night and snapped up all but 5 of ‘em. One XL and 4 XXL’s remain. If you’ve got the big guns to fill these out, they’re all yours.

Posted by on March 3, 2006