Flayed Fink

This Resin cast of the classic Rat Fink was painted as part of a group show opening March 10th in Austin, TX. Fifty artists were given unpainted/unassembled kits to paint and build anyway they wished. We decided to try something a bit different by shaving off all the prickly hairs and a few layers of rodent epidermis. We also placed the Fink in surgical “scrubs” and modeled the RF in bone. The first display is taking place at the Continental Club Lounge in conjunction with the SXSW Film Festival. From there they’ll all be sent to L.A., photographed for a book, then displayed at the Petersen Automotive Museum alongside all available Roth cars Sept. 13th. An online auction will be set up for people who would like to own one.

Posted by on March 10, 2006