Brodovitch and Blumenfeld

I ve always been amazed by some of the weird stuff that Photo-Lettering produced. Even after trawling through hundreds and hundreds of variants of moderns and sans, you always notice bizarre typefaces that would seem to have one and only one application. One wonders why anyone would take the time and effort to make them.

Well one of those faces is Brodovitch Albo, designed by a giant of graphic design and art direction, Alexander Brodovitch. Besides seeing it in the Photo-Lettering catalogue I’ve never seen it in anything Brodovitch did (though I have a feeling it might have appeared in his magazine Portfolio).

And that elusive job for this willfully eccentric and unusual geometric typeface? Showstudio in London had recently discovered some of the lost films of Erwin Blumenfeld and this seemed the perfect face for the job. Blumenfeld, a contemporary of Brodovitch, is best known for beautiful and pioneering colour work for Vogue magazine in New York in the 40s and 50s.

Its one thing to think of a good idea and actually another producing a digital font. I quickly got on the phone to House Industries under my alias, Alexandre Vinokourov and managed to convince Rich that I needed the films of the fonts and I needed them now. Ten minutes later I got the scans and set to work. Now that I’ve seen the type so nicely laid out (with Photo-Lettering marks) I am starting to wonder where this curiosity could be used next time. Anyway it will soon be available to the whole world through Photo-Lettering again.

Posted by on September 27, 2006