Another Daytona Shot

Nate called me about a week before the CCS races and inaugural Moto ST in Daytona and asked if I could work on a quick sticker for the R12S. BMW had just sent over a new bike and and he had all of the bodywork shot in white. There wasn’t really any time to mess around with it, so I took a ride up to the closest dealer and made a template of the body panel I had to work with. I wanted to get his name as big as I could in the small area, so Andy suggested that I bleed it out of a solid color in the shape. After creating a file for each side, I emailed it down to the local FastSigns on a Saturday afternoon and they ran me a few decals so I could overnight them to Atlanta (where the bike was being prepped). The result was simple, but effective. Photo courtesy of The Concept Farm.

Posted by on December 20, 2006