Sticker Shock

As with any special interest, the more you learn, the more you need. So when I took up motorcycling as a means of transporation a few years ago, I immersed myself in the world of two-wheeled travel. The deeper you get into these things and the more you ride, the more you find that the most important denominator is suspension, not horsepower or tires. So when the mechanic was bouncing up and down on my R1150GS and saying “dude, your shock is dead”, I figured it was time for an upgrade. Pictured here, my friends, is the rear shock made by Wilbers. These babies pretty much built to order with regards to rider weight, height, riding style and the amount of junk you carry along with you. Forget all of that, though. Look at the beautiful machine work!

Posted by on February 6, 2007