Illustration 101

Above you can view an animated progression of approximately three weeks painting with acrylics. The folks at Communication Arts were kind enough to let us do the cover for their spring issue, which also features an article about House.

This short begins where the concept and sketching leave off. I take the final sketch, tighten it up and transfer it to a piece of hot-press illustration board. Because of the nature of the project I decided to fire up the airbrush, using extensive frisketing to keep things tight. First I faded in the blue region of the upper letters, then moved onto the drop shadow. While the air was still compressed I treated the slime area only as an underpainting.

The project next moves into the fur and gold areas using only brushes. As these areas “catch up” to the earlier work the piece begins to take shape and everything is brought to a finish. I used the airbrush once more to add drop shadows to the blue from the relief gold edges. The last slide shows the final piece scanned, color-corrected and cleaned up for delivery.

Posted by on February 26, 2007