Sorry, I couldn't resist.

From the top…

Buick Lucerne. Did GM figure out a way to use lame design as an alternative to fossil fuel?

Dodge Demon Concept. This Audi TT rip-off is sure to make any 340 Demon fan roll their eyes. The “branding” on this one almost rivals Pontiac when the focus group decided to called this gem a GTO.

Callaway Vette? I’m sure it has a zillion horsepower but I’d be happy with a wimpy 327 and a look in the direction of Larry Shinoda and the GM archive for styling influence rather than the Aston Martin dealership showroom.

Nissan 350. Guys, bite the OG Datsun Z car…not a Slant Nose 911.

I’m all for being “inspired” to make something new/your own (we’ve built a business on that) but sometimes you just gotta call BS. If any auto execs might be reading…rather than just complain about it like a design critic, we have an empty bay in the House Industries styling center for any ride that needs a good once-over.

Posted by on April 7, 2007