LA Scrapbooking

OK, so I know I can’t top Van Halen as the highlight of the trip but here’s what else went down.

Steph and I started the afternoon at John and Marilyn Neuhart’s. I’ll let you realize the overall badness of this amazing couple after you read everything in this link. After one of the best art history lessons ever we booked it over to the Eames Office in Santa Monica to set up shop. The LA AIGA reserved a few seats for select members and I managed to sneak a few friends and family in the back door. Tim Biskup was the first to snag one of the 10 Eames House wooden sculptures we did specifically for the gig. Coop (who also shared my Van Halen giddiness) and Shepard Fairey told me I looked like a tourist wearing flip-flops and needed to get some three stripe bobo’s if I want to do it right. Then a quick call to the Santa Monica fire department about the mattress that was on fire in an alley behind the Eames Office before getting “taken out” by Sushi Roku courtesy of Mr. Awitan and Coach. A good nite was had by all!

After rinsing a few book shops in Little Tokyo on Tuesday morning, the little lady and I headed out to The Parker in Palm Springs. We went there a few years ago (off season) and dug it…but I’m sure everyone will soon be “too cool” for it once THIS airs. Steph almost had to call the Palm Springs paramedics for me when a friend got us a private tour of possibly the most significant modern structure on the planet. The only other thing in Palm Springs that could possibly rival the experience of walking thru this Neutra Masterpiece would be if the corpse of Frank Sinatra gave us a massage poolside. On the way back to LAX we hit our usual antique/junk spots and scored the Jumbo Machinder of Kokeshi dolls.

Posted by on July 21, 2007