The Last Supper

So we had our “fancy pants” denim expert Brian Awitan over for dinner tonight. After a fine meal Mr. Awitan noticed some recent damage to one of the Eames dining chairs (note how tuff he hit it…you can SEE the sawdust). I then explained to him my policy I have with my kids and the furniture in our house. A few years ago our girls asked if they could take a few pieces of furniture they grew up with to their new home/apartment when they move out. Sounds cool but the deal is if you scratch or damage it before your move out date, you sign the bottom and you get the busted one (they already have several signed specimens).

We had the most recent perpetrator sign his work so when he puts his DSquared2 whatever selvage jeans with bla bla rivits (that probably cost more than my entire dining room set) on eBay to raise funds for the replacement he knows what chair is his.

Posted by on August 21, 2007