Double Agent

When Agent Provocateur first started accosting, arousing and alarming its Soho neighbors in 1994, founder Joseph Corre brandished some lipstick and penned a New York Dolls-esque logo. Since then Agent Provocateur has grown into an internationally-recognized lingerie brand that sets the global standard for thinly-clad naughtiness. Twelve years and countless wordmarks later, Joseph and his partner, Serena Rees, decided that they should give their visual identity the same level of attention that they give to the smallest lacy detail on each undergarment and to their legendary window displays.

Enter your friends at House Industries, who obsess over lettering and type as much as the Agent Provocateur designers sweat the minute details on their famous undergarments. After several months, a few tons of vellum, lots of pencil lead and hundreds of perfectly-aligned bezier points later, we are proud to present the story of our efforts in the form of this limited-edition pair of Agent’s famous tie-side “knickers” draped over a 16-page die-cut board book that tells the story of the identity overhaul. You can purchase it here from our House33 web store.

Posted by on October 22, 2007