Viscera & Varnish

This large scale acrylic version of the 33 “Gross” is the first in a series for the House 33 line of t-shirts. The animation begins with a violet delineation of forms and blocking in of shadows. Next, an airbrush is used to quickly establish values over large areas. For the background a middle gray was brushed in. Transparent local colors based on an earlier color study are then applied.

Brush work begins to define all forms and lighting, usually working from left to right. Paint layers begin to thicken as individual elements are rendered, building up to glistening highlights and deep shadows. Clear layers help to keep everything uniform and the process begins to slow down as details and glazing techniques are applied. Toward completion, earlier color decisions are adjusted to add compositional balance, while the airbrush helps feather background shadow edges.

With the company stamp of approval the image is scanned, masked, and color corrected for final output. Stay tuned for more animated paintings.

Posted by on November 1, 2007