Rothenburg odT

Last May a friend and I were on an eastbound rainy slog on the A-6 on a coupla rented R1200GSs, trying to make an 11:00 a.m. sound check at the Typo Berlin conference in Berlin. Most of the lateral European union commerce seemed to be intent on crawling along this stretch of road toward the Czech Republic and points beyond, slowing down even more for a gaper delay at one of those rare but horrific Autobahn pileups. The non-stop driving deluge breached just about every seam of my high-viz Aerostich Roadcrafter and the toe leather in my ever-trusty Sidi boots had decided to let go the day before somewhere between Munich and Basel while temperature on BMW’s fancy onboard computer hovered around 8°C. After a few Ritter Sports and a hot cup of surprisingly good coffee at a Raststätte, we decided that the soundcheck was not in the stars and did the old “pick a random white dot on the Michelin map” to hang it up for the night so we could run up an expensive electric bill blow drying the inside of our boots. This uncelebrated dot turned out to be the remarkably restored and preserved walled village of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, fascinating even after dark in a driving rain from the vantage point of the roofed wall. Try to seige that with your catapult and dead cows. Several months later, my traveling companion was picking through his German grandfather’s belongings and happened across this beautiful book of lithographed postcards with hand-cut colors. Phew, that was a long story about nothing.

Posted by on February 20, 2008