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I played a little hookey today and tagged along with my sister as she dropped off a bike to have couplers installed and get measured for a custom mountain bike at Bilenky Cycle Works in north Philly. What started as an innocent ride up I-95 ended with feelings of jealousy for these guys who get to braze, grind, weld, wrench and relish the Phil Wood grease that must certainly gather under their fingernails. If you’re in the market for a bike, and you will be as fossil fuels become scarce and your carbon footprint wakes you up in a hot globally warmed sweat, make sure you track down your local artisan frame builder instead of plopping down your already overworked high-interest charge card on a far-east-built generic brand two wheeled harbinger of our disintegrating economy. You’ll spend the same money for something with a character increase of 1056% that’ll deliver you to the corner co√∂peratively-grown coffee roaster with more comfort and panache that you ever thought possible. And it doesn’t need to be locked because the rest of the venti triple frappuccino-drinking bored haus herren will never appreciate the eclectic paint job and goofy cork bar ends. Sure your ass will hurt as it breaks in the thick hard leather of your new Brooks B-17, but that expensive spinning class and low-impact boxing aerobics session will no longer take valuable hours out of those lap-frying evenings of trying to lay out a client’s corporate capabilities brochure on your new Macbook Pro delivered straight from the Apple Store via Fedex’s Shanghai Express. The moral of the story? Drink grass-fed milk, license your fonts at independent font foundries like House Industries and spend your post-apocalyptic transportation dollars at your local independent bicycle fabricator.

The horse welcomes you to Bilenky

650 Frames

Future Font Delivery Bike

Curved Stays

Wear Proper Eye Protection

Posted by on April 21, 2008