Living Letters and Heavy Metal

After piles of tracing paper, skidloads of bezier curves and tens of thousands of lines of code, Ken Barber’s Studio Lettering font collection is available to the public. Quite possibly the most ambitious Latin alphabet script typeface to date, the Studio Lettering fonts gracefully combine traditional lettering craftsmanship while pushing the envelope with the most current OpenType programming capabilities. The result is three timeless scripts that turn into living and breathing lettering when used with the most current OpenType-compatible design software. Learn more here.

Studio Lettering runs much deeper than simply drawing lots of letters and optimized ligatures. It represents a truly innovative way to think about how the converging disciplines of type and lettering interact with one another. With the help of OpenType guru Tal Leming and House designer Ben Kiel, Ken achieved a dynamic balance between the limitations of digital fonts and the jazz-like syncopated rhythms of traditional lettering. Yeah, we thought about this a lot.

While Ken & company were sweating Studio Lettering’s details over the last few months, the rest of us had plenty of time to devise promotional schemes, create heavy iron and aluminum sculptures, order mousepads, print Smythe-sewn books and knock out a few T-shirts.

Posted by on July 7, 2008