Ten Years After...

Ever since we started working on the Sign Painter Font Collection ten years ago, we’ve tried to use visual tricks and technology to make script typefaces act more like lettering. For the two Sign Painter scripts we used a free-standing utility created by Just van Rossum called “Lil’ Al’s Brush” to substitute a limited number of optimized ligatures. We borrowed the idea from Emigre, who had originally commissioned the ap to substitute ligatures in their Mrs. Eaves typeface. The advent of OpenType support in design applications rendered Lil’ Al’s Brush obsolete, or at least not worth porting to the OSX platform.

We’ve learned a lot since 1998, and the new Studio Lettering fonts are a great example of how we’ve applied this knowledge. Studio Swing uses a complex array of visual tricks, contextual substituion and optimized ligatures to effectively simulate the syncopation of true hand-lettering. But you don’t have to worry about all that…just use it! Play this movie for a quick demo:

Posted by on July 10, 2008