Sweat the mail carrier!

The House Industries catalog has become a sort of institution, at least in our own minds. When we haven’t done one in several months, folks around the studio start getting a little cranky, become less productive and generally make more frequent trips to the water cooler for another quick shot of overpriced herbal tea. Resampling images for the website re-design, retouching photos and fixing that forgotten bad kerning pair that we just noticed in a ten-year-old font just doesn’t have the same luster as the smell of lithographic printing inks that waft through the studio as Andy brings back a few fresh sheets from the printer. Not to mention that our potential customers tend to stop thinking about us when it comes time to make a font purchasing decision. So even in these days of failing Freddie Fannie Mae Macs and $140 long-wheelbase GMC Yukon XL fillups, we still love the sound of those little suction cups picking up sheets of highly refined forest products and sending them through five or six offset images pigmented by soy-based inks.

Catalogs are in the mail. If you’re on the mailing list and you don’t get one soon, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call to make sure we have the right address. You may get the smaller foldout poster, so let us know if you want the full 32-pager. If you happen to get ten catalogs sent to the same slightly differently-spelled person, you can rest assured that Rich Roat’s sophisticated duplicate-elimination algorithm has failed miserably. Could we trouble you let us know?

Posted by on July 11, 2008