Temping for Dwell

I’m doing a few Graphic duh-sign/homey kinda posts for our friends at Dwell Magazine. Here’s a taste…

Sukiya Living

I realized I’m getting old when my zine of choice now is about Japanese Gardening, not punk rock. Ironically, Sukiya Living: The Journal of Japanese Gardening is probably one of the most punk things I’ve had the pleasure of recently subscribing to.

Not only do they call bullshit on terms like “zen garden”, but give you the straight dope on authenticity, layout, advanced pruning techniques and more. I especially enjoy how most of the “how to” features (with great pen and ink illustrations) don’t hold back when it comes to showing you how BAD, BAD, BAD things can get when you stray from the real deal. Made me dig up half my yard and start again! The late 80s desktop publishing aesthetic is a special bonus. Subscribe today.

Posted by on August 21, 2008