House Letters & Ligatures Opening

Just back from spending the last 4 days installing the House Industries Letters & Ligatures show at the Subliminal Gallery in LA. The show is up until December 5th. Here are few shots from the opening ceremony…

An 11ft character set.

Shepard Fairey and Andy Cruz.

Who else needs a 6ft ampersand?

Live Rust.


Coop with our design heros Marilyn & John Neuhart. The coolest lady in the place kept her shades on.

Adam Cruz through the ampersand.

Fonts for sale.

E is for Eames Demetrios.

Democratic Party or House Industries opening, Shepard gets the kids to dance.

House mobile.

Mr. Jalopy and Mr. Rich Roat

Lacquer House stencils.

Cast Iron Ampsersand.

Rusting Question Mark.

Tim Biskup after staring at the Ampersand scrims for too long.

Ampersand butcher block cutting boards.

Photos courtesy of Coach Camera Supply, Huntington Beach, CA.

Posted by on November 10, 2008